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The most shocking thing that has happened in the last five days happened to us at lunch time today. Today's lunch was supposed to be leftovers, but they loved the stew from day four so much that there wasn't enough for lunch today. I moved on to the dinner recipe, the one that I have been most skeptical about... cheese-less quesadillas.

The snow was already falling when we got up this morning, so I knew that everyone was going to be home. No activities, no sports, no work for anyone.  I got up and made my dad's famous eggs with tomato and onion and turkey bacon for egg sandwiches for everyone else, and as usual, I started the morning with oatmeal. I added a ton of strawberries and gave the rest to the family. I made two servings and ate them both. Once I added the meal to my app, I was so annoyed with myself. Not only was a WAY too full, but I'd have to really watch what I did the rest of the day.

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I skipped my tea, and saved my vitamins for bedtime. I started the morning stressed out, and it didn't seem like it was going to get any better. Although the hubby was home, he wasn't really able to interact with us because he had the same back to back meetings that he has at the office, at home. Still, it was nice to see his face every now and then.

When lunch time came I began to feel the stress rising up. Hot hummus? Why on earth would ANYONE want hot hummus? That sounds awful. The kids kept telling me that with no queso, there's no quesadilla. I couldn't convince them it would be good because I wasn't convinced myself.  I got the ingredients together and followed the very simple instructions. I sent one upstairs to the hubby, and then Li'l Bit and I tried ours.  She went first. Once I heard her squeak with joy and surprise, I was finally ready to try it for myself after several long minutes of staring at it and stalling.

That. Thing. Was. RIGHT. It was so good. I was only supposed to get half of one, and I managed to stick to that, but it was HARD. If I didn't NEED for my health to improve and for some of this weight to come off, I would have had a serious portion control issue on my hands.  It didn't taste like cheese, but it was amazing. The recipe was very simple. Green onions, tortilla, roasted red pepper hummus, and tomatoes. No oil or anything. It was amazing. If you want the recipe, check out the day three lunch from the 21 Day Vegan meal plan.  We didn't do the corn that was supposed to go with it, but you better believe this is getting done again. Soon.

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Nobody wanted to go out in the snow, so we spent the day catching up on school work.  I haven't fallen asleep on myself even once in the last three days. Also, by bedtime, I am completely pooped.  I am working on getting more sleep. Seven hours is the goal. 

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For dinner, I pulled out ALL the leftovers and everyone just went for it. I had a salad with a lot of greens and the leftover tomatoes and onions from lunch, what was left of the quinoa pilaf (it is perfect on salads when it is cold), and the apricot dressing I made yesterday. The kids had tiny portions of stew from yesterday, salads, and some roasted sweet potatoes.  I wasn't planning on roasting sweet potatoes, but they were really good.


If you follow my Instagram story, you saw that I got an award from the app last night for a "perfectly balanced meal!" I was way too excited about that.  I still didn't make it to the gym because of the snow, but no regrets. I will get in there and get my routine going soon enough.

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges, and thanks to this wake up call, new food! I am excited to see what's on the menu for tomorrow.

I'll be keeping up my Instastories, so you can follow along with me there. My handle is @socamom. I am following the 21 day vegan kickstart plan by Dr. Barnard at the recommendation of my physician.

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