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You have to check out Zapped! Danger in the Cell by Jewel A. Daniel and Lynelle A. Martin. When a mysterious machine shrinks Sonya, Lynelle, and Giselle to microscopic proportions they become so small that they slip through the walls of a cell. The three girls find themselves in a roller coaster of an adventure that has them running for their lives. Will they ever escape the Danger in the Cell?

This book is recommended for children ages 9 to 12, but may be of interest to younger and older children who are interested in science.

About the Authors:

St. Kitts born Jewel Daniel is a cell biologist, author and educator who combines her love for science and books to teach kids about the exciting microscopic world of the cell. Zapped! is her first children’s novel.

Lynelle Martin, a rising middle school student, has an avid interest in science and adventure. Zapped! is her debut novel.

Zapped! is illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo.

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