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This holiday, families from all over will be getting together to celebrate the holidays. Almost like a family reunion, right? Anancy's Family Reunion is on sale! Save more than 20% through Saturday. Not sure yet? Download this free chapter preview! Then purchase Anancy's Family Reunion on Amazon for $9.99 USD!

I knew this book was going to be a favorite when told my mother that I had written an Anancy book. She says to me, "what do YOU know about Anancy?" That night, we turned off all our devices and sat in the living room while I read the story to the family. My mother was so excited. She was still giggling when the story was long over, and telling me who her favorite characters were, besides Anancy, of course.

Purchase Anancy's Family Reunion Now on Amazon for $9.99 USD!

In Anancy's Family Reunion, Anancy has been up to his old tricks, but a visit from family will change everything - or will it? This new and imaginative take on Anancy folklore reintroduces a new generation of children to a character deeply rooted in African and Caribbean oral tradition. Anancy's Family Reunion is appropriate for all ages, and children with reading abilities at the third grade (US) or year four (UK) level can read the book independently. Adults will enjoy a return to their childhood while they share a new story with their children about a character from their youth.

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Free Chapter Preview from Anancy's Family Reunion

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